Stream Pathway

Our Pathways

Students are not placed in cohorts based on their chronological age; they are placed in class groups dependent on their cognitive, sensory, social, emotional and communication needs. Classes are organised into our four curriculum pathways: Stream‘, ‘River‘ ‘Ocean‘ and ‘Hub‘.

Curriculum Intent

Teachers plan topics and themes that provide a context for learning at our four different curriculum levels:

Stream students engage with a holistic and sensory approach to learning.  In this pathway the curriculum has a clear developmental perspective focused on the four areas of the EHCP. In a stream classroom you will see consistent routines which allow learners to develop responses and express themselves in a stimulating and nurturing environment. The stream curriculum allows learners to:

  • Anticipate and learn through familiar routines
  • Explore the world around them using their senses to enable exploration
  • Develop positive relationships with familiar people
  • Develop the physical skills to control and manipulate their environment
  • Express choices and feelings through preferred method of communication


Curriculum Implementation

All students at Holbrook School for Autism have a ‘my plan’ document, which highlights the context for their educational provision. These are specifically tailored around the student’s EHCP. The four areas are taken from the four key areas of the SEND code of practice for teaching pupils with autism. This identifies the needs of each individual pupil. ‘My Plans’ identify the needs of each individual student primarily based on EHCP provision and outcomes. These plans support teachers to create appropriate learning environments, identify specific areas of need and design informed class timetables. Provision maps for our four pathways have been devised to inform ‘My Plans’.

A student may require elements of two pathways or flow between pathways during their journey at Holbrook School for Autism. Student EHCP’s inform a student’s ‘my plan’. The provision determined in the ‘my plan’ then informs the student’s pathway.

A student’s individual EHCP and subsequent ‘My Plan’ will be central to the planning of lessons and activities for students working within the holistic strand of the curriculum. The stream pathway follows a set of long term goals that are broken down into progression of skills linked to each of the four areas of the EHCP.

Students learn through a consistent structure and routine. Sessions are planned to implement each of the four areas of the ‘My Plan’. Students learn through guided learning and staff modelling with an emphasis on repetition and opportunities for generalisation. Students access a minimalist environment to support engagement.

Stream Timetable Example